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About Narada History of School

On a 3.000 M2 land in Kosambi Baru Housing complex, Narada School was built with a size of approximately 4.472 M2. It was founded by Indonesia Theravada Buddhis Foundation (Yayasan Buddhis Theravada Indonesia) on 2 February 2005. It started with only the pre-school level. Then a year later, elementary level was opened. And now in 2009, secondary level starts.

Buddhis Theravada Indonesia Foundation has five Bhikkhu as Board of Trustees, They are:

Monk Sukhemo Mahathera

Monk Sri Pannyavaro Mahathera

Monk Sri Subalaratano Mahathera

Monk Jotidhammo Mahathera

Monk Dhammakaro Thera

Narada Flag
Meaning of Five Colours on the Flag:

  • Blue stands for service
  • Yellow stands for wisdom
  • Red stands for love and affection
  • White sebagai stands for purity
  • Orange stands for spirit

    Meaning of Narada School Logo
    A circle on the logo stands for Dhamma wheel. The fraction stands for The Eight Holy Roads that guide all living things to the road away from Dukkha, They are:
  • Right View (sammä - ditthi)
  • Right Thought (sammä - sankappa)
  • Right Words (sammä - vaca)
  • Right Action (sammä - kammanta)
  • Right Means of Livelihood (sammä - ajiva)
  • Right Effort (sammä - väyäma)
  • Right Mindfulness (sammä - sati)
  • Right Concentration (sammä - samädhi)

    Membekali siswa dengan Bahusacca (Ilmu Pengetahuan), yakni pengetahuan umum yang bersifat akademik, Sippa (Keterampilan) yakni keterampilan atau keahlian khusus sesuai dengan bakat masing-masing anak, dan Sila (kemoralan) yakni landasan atau dasar-dasar budi pekerti dan nilai-nilai luhur dalam kehidupan.