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Namo Buddhaya,

Narada school was established with noble ideals: preparing the sons and daughters of Indonesia to be clever, skillful, and virtuous character. This is in accordance with Narada School motto: Bahusacca - Sippa - Sila (Knowledges - Skills - Morality). Narada School's teaching program adopted Cambridge curriculum and combined with the National curriculum, teaching manners and morality based on the universal teachings of Buddha, and using three languages for communication which are English, Mandarin, and Indonesia; so this school should be a Buddhist school to be proud of.

We are constantly trying to improve the quality of education and infrastructure, and improve the ability of the teachers. Narada school also continues to grow and will soon open a high school level as a continuation of existing education levels, ranging from pre-school, kindergarten, elementary, junior high, to high school.

Achievements of students who often won various competitions outside the school showed that Narada School students are able to absorb what is taught and able to develop their own potency. Later they would become the nation's budding independent and successful, with good morality.

With your support, Narada School will continue to strive to provide the best, for the advancement of education, especially Buddhist educational issues.

Theravada Buddhist Foundation of Indonesia

Bodhi Sidarta
Ketua Umum